Chris Butler Speaks: Awareness, Perception, and Purpose Are Characteristics of the Self

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Jagad Guru: Matter is not aware. An atom is not aware, whereas each life particle, each person has awareness. Their awareness may be covered to a certain degree, different degrees might be covered. One person may be less aware in different states, but the life particle itself, the awareness is an intrinsic part of that. Just like brilliantness is an intrinsic part of a diamond. The diamond might be covered with all kinds of mud and junk, right? But still that, uh, shininess or that beauty is there, intrinsic part of that, inseparable part of that diamond. So, similarly, a person's awareness can be covered. But that doesn't mean that a person is not aware, or that awareness is a creation of matter, or this or that. So anyway, awareness is a characteristic, an intrinsic characteristic of the self. And also, therefore, perception. Okay? So uh whereas matter is not aware and it does not perceive. And what else? What's another difference between a material particle and a life particle? Anyone?

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