Jagad Guru Chris Butler Speaks: Another World View

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Jagad Guru Chris Butler: That I don't need to conclude that because there is no material self, therefore there is no self. I can conclude instead, I can have my conclusion based upon number one, the reality that I know I exist. I know I exist and this is the fundamental reality that I can never give up. I know I exist, my self-awareness. Therefore, instead of giving up my self-awareness, I give up the materialist world view which cannot explain my self-awareness.

Any theory, any world view, which does not take into account that which is most real, cannot be accepted. We don't want to throw away reality, that is, the awareness of our own existence. We're going to throw away reality in order to protect or hold onto this world view, this materialist world view which holds that there is only one element - matter? This is basically what we would be doing. You see, we have a choice. We can throw away the materialist world view. We can throw that away. Or we can throw away our existence. (laughter) That's our choice.

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